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Lawn Aeration Services

Over the course of the year, your lawn is exposed to environmental stress and some harsh conditions, including high heat and humidity associated with the summer months. These factors, combined with high foot traffic, and potential disease and insects, can cause your lawn to become unhealthy and causes your grass to thin over time.

With SureGreen’s core aeration services, our professional lawn care technicians will aerate your lawn (put thousands of tiny holes in your lawn) using special equipment called an aerator that loosens the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the turf roots. Lawn aerating also helps improve drainage and absorption of water, encouraging deep grass root growth. Aerating your lawn also takes care of excessive thatch build-up, which can hinder the growth and health of your turf.

SureGreen Lawn Solutions is a locally owned and operated lawn care company proudly serving Cecil County, Kent County, Queen Anne's County & Talbot County Maryland.

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    Improve the overall health of your turf.

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    Increase the amount of oxygen, water and nutrients that reach the soil and grass roots.

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    Build stronger turf roots over time.

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    Promote lawn health and reduce the chance of lawn diseases.

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