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We know Maryland lawns, which means that we understand the conditions in our area and what it takes to keep your lawn strong under those conditions.

SureGreen Lawn Solutions is a locally owned and operated lawn care company proudly serving Cecil County, Kent County, Queen Anne's County & Talbot County Maryland.


Lawn fertilization service is an essential part of SureGreen’s lawn care program. Using the right type and amount of fertilizer for your lawn at the proper time of the season is key.

Lawn Fertilization Services

Weed Control

Our lawn care technicians will remove all of the weeds from your lawn and replace them with lush, green grass, while using products that have been proven safe for your family and your pets.

Weed Control Services

Grass Overseeding

Dead patches and bare spots are saturated with new, healthy seed to promote growth. Grass overseeding is the fastest way to restore life back into a lifeless lawn.

Lawn Overseeding Services

Core Aeration

Our professional lawn care technicians will aerate your lawn using an aerator that loosens the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the turf roots.

Core Aeration Services

Lime Application

Lime is a mineral that provides your lawn with a number of benefits and can increase the pH levels of soil that is low in acidity, helping to create an optimal growing environment for your grass.

Lime Application Service

Soil Testing

Soil testing is an important diagnostic measure that can impact the overall health of your lawn. Maintaining optimal soil conditions and proper pH levels are the first steps in developing a long term lawn care program that will produce desired results.

Soil Testing

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